Sunday, September 11, 2011

My plants

To help clear my mind I've started a blog.
My first post will be about my plants. I've had lots of plants over the years but these few are the only that I have left. One day I'd like to have a real garden, but until then houseplants will do!

This is my most recent plant. I just purchased it Saturday at the Farmer's Market in Savannah. It's called an ET plant because of the little fingers! It will always stay petite! how sweet.

 Here is my Begonia. I received a cutting of this plant from my friend Todd. It has these beautiful silver dots and looked like an alien when it was popping up!

The are mostly pothos plants and spider plants. Both are really easy and propagate nicely too!

Devil's Backbone desperately needing fresh soil.

My pride and joys: two grapefruit trees. I've grown these two guys from the seed almost 4 years ago. I had a third but sadly, someone ran over it. I also had a avocado and lychee plant (also grown from the seed) but my roommate's dog ate them.

Little Petunia that a former student gave me.

Sweet little aloe sprouts with birdy, not pictured oregano.

This is it for my first blog. I'll continue to show sites of Savannah and some things that occupy my mind!

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  1. Is your new plant a jade? I had one like that in college and my boyfriend called it a jade plant. Cheers on your new proactive form of mind-clearing! xo