Sunday, April 29, 2012


Zebra Swallowtail, my favorite.

today and future

Day off!

Well, sort of. I still have homework to do....and I work tonight.
Mostly I've been procratinating by listening to music based off of new reviews from

Soon I will be here: !!!!

I cannot wait to see my old friends, meet new people, explore a real city, and just forget about my Savannah life. I need a break from this life. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the art that hangs Part 2


Wall hanging by Grandma Brozowski


de Lempicka. Gift from aunt and uncle.

Thistle by Ms. Patricia

Dirty Thirty

Bengal by me

Postcard by Aubrie Mema

bird and balloon man

the art that hangs Part 1

So I moved into a new spot, all by myself (first time ever)! It's cozy and totally mine.

rock and trees, by me. one of my first ink paining.

Ink paining, by me

This technically a photo of Emily and I but I love the people behind us. They are so happy.

Print by Morgan Dewey. It's her tooth and chain.

Tumbler by Jessica Rogers

This was on the back of a letter written by Lauren Tracy.

Print by Morgan Dewey

by Betsy Ruiz

Bought this at a local antique store, so ugly I love it.

Two antique botanical prints and center by Morgan Dewey

Messed up pages by Kirsten Sparenborg