Monday, July 23, 2012

letters and paintings

Still painting when I can although things are busy busy busy here! My final classes for summer are this week and then final exams. My friend Sue will be in town all the way from Oregon for 2 days, lucky me! Right after exams I will visit my parent's house and see my sister and my 3 lovely lil nieces! I am so excited to give a ton of hugs!

Last weekend I saw Moonrise Kingdom. Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie but it did inspire me to paint my chair, frame it, and hang it right next to said painted chair.
See below:

Also this week my friend Tyler leaves for a European tour for 3 weeks. I wrote him 3 letters, one for each week of his journey. Each letter contains a short story, a piece of artwork, and a letter from moi! I would want someone to do something so nice for me one day. (*hint, hint)

Andre the Giant is one of the enclosed pieces of art work. Sadly I cannot give the original to Tyler since Orea is demanding the work to frame and put in her bedroom. I can't really argue with that!


  1. How thoughtful... I would want someone to do such a nice thing for moi, too. And I'm mad now at Orea for claiming that drawing.

    1. haha. I will try to include a lil something special in my next letter for you!