Monday, August 13, 2012

Cincinnati and Mapplethorpe

I just came back from a lovely few days at the beach with my family: mom, dad, Becky, Chalmer and the girls. Hilton Head is not the greatest for waves but there are a ton of sand dollars there and I even learned how to pick them up with me feet (that's a big feat (haha) for me considering I hate putting me feet on the ocean floor)! Beach party consisted of lots of tickling and giggling and crying and wining.

So...I mentioned I was reading Just Kids to my parents and my dad asked me what it was about. When I mentioned Robert Mapplethorpe his eyes lit up and he said he saw his work, in Cincinnati! He said it was a big controversy when Mapplethorpe's work came to town and that people even rioted. My mom said that little conservative Cincinnati just couldn't handle the thought of seeing naked photos of people.

This cartoon was in the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1990:

Then I did some research and found just how much of a controversy Mapplethorpe's The Perfect Moment was in Cincinnati. The people actually attempted to sue the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) and it's director due to obscenity. The jury found the CAC and the director NOT GUILTY!

I think it's really funny that my dad mostly remembers photos of flowers.

Oh Cincinnati. You never change.

By the way, I'm also reading The Hunger Games Trilogy, ha ha.

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